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[Instagram Update] Yoo Yeon Seok went travelling in the US

On April 18th, Yoo Yeon Seok posted a photo of himself boarding a Delta Airline flight with a caption “Goodbye for now”.

잠시만 안녕 ~ ♡ #DELTA

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[Eng translation] “Goodbye for now ~ ♡ #DELTA”

We didn’t know exactly where he was heading to but a few days later he posted lots of photos of him in America!

So it meant he most probably boarded a direct Delta Airlines flight from Seoul to Seattle and later set himself on a roadtrip there.

In San Fransisco he shared a beautiful sunset view from his hotel, and he went on a cable car ride there too 😄

#샌프란시스코 의 흔한 #노을

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[Eng translation] “The common #sunset of #SanFrancisco” (at San Francisco, California)

[Eng translation] “Hurry hurry. Is there really a need to hurry? If you don’t hurry, then you can see a lot more… #Cablecar That’s why I like it.”

He looks so tiny and cute next to the huge tree in Redwoods!

좀 크네~ ㅋㅋㅋ #Sausalito #Muir Woods

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[Eng Translation] “It’s a bit big~ kkk #Sausalito #Muir Woods” (@ Muir Woods – Redwoods)

He also went on a drive along Route 1 in California. The sound of the waves and the beautiful view are definitely making us jealous. We want to go on a driving trip there too! 😢

#캘리포니아 1번도로 #드라이브 #hertz

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[Eng translation] “#California Route 1 #drive #hertz”

파도소리 들리나요?

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[Eng translation] “Can you hear the sound of the waves?” (@ Cliff House, San Fransisco)

And awww somebody went to his friend’s wedding in San Jose! (But psst, we know you were trying not to outshine the groom and the bride but the unflattering and overly baggy outfit could make them embarrassed instead, you know)

부러우면 지는거야!!! ㅎㅎㅎ 결혼 축하한다 친구야♡

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[Eng translation] “I’m not going to be jealous!!! Hahaha. Congratulations for your wedding dear friend ♡” (@ San Jose, California)

And lastly he shared with us a series of photos of him in Las Vegas – cowboy!Yeon Seok, helicopter ride with his parents (so jealous!) and chilling by Tropicana Las Vegas’ pool. You be looking so fine with those sunglasses on, boy! *wiggles eyebrows*

#라스베거스 #여행 #lasvegas #TropLV #Delta

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[Eng translation] “#LasVegas #travel #lasvegas #TropLV #Delta” (@ Las Vegas, Nevada)

오랜만의 부모님과의 #여행 ♡ #Grandcanyon #TropLV #Delta

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[Eng translation] “#Travelling with my parents after a long time ♡ #Grandcanyon #TropLV #Delta” (@ Grand Canyon Helicopters)

What a wonderful #vacation !♡ #lasvegas #TropLV #Delta

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What a wonderful vacation indeed!

We totally love his holiday spam posts and so happy to see him all happy during his trip ♡