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[20141121] Yoo Yeon Seok’s message for his 11th year

So it’s already been 11 years… kekeke.

Since It’s already been 11 years since my debut, it’s somewhat (feels) afresh~
I was just diligently filming every day and 10 years had already flew off.
Many people uploaded their hand written letters and even gave a bunch of gifts, so I am very touched. If you look at it the other way, it could be just a normal day but because of my fans, I think today became a very special day for me to remember. And also, since my (old) production was showed (on theater again) today, I hope that my fans remember this day as a special day. I will keep filming diligently every day in the future! Just like how my activities from 11 years ago till now, I will sincerely be active as well in the future, so please watch over me, and I ask for a lot of affection and interest that you’ve been giving me until now.
I hope that you take care and always be healthy since the weather keeps getting colder. Once again, thank you very much~! Good night!!!

T/N: The old film that was shown on theater was ‘Re-encounter’.

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Yoo Yeon Seok Answers The 50 Questions from Fans

  1. What are your standards for picking a production?

YYS: I’m more of the type who would choose something that “shows a different image (of me) in every production”. Of course, I think about the genre too. I want to keep trying new productions, like genres that I haven’t been able to try yet, and characters that seems enjoyable.

  1. Among the characters that you’ve played until now, which of them do you think is similar to yourself? And why do you think so?

YYS: Chilbongie. Truthfully, the other characters I’ve played are either unrealistic or hard to find in reality. I might be different from Chilbong in some things (Seoul native, Athlete…) but I think that my personality is the most similar to Chilbong.

  1. I’m curious if you’ll get interested to an offer that you think doesn’t suit you. (Let’s say that the production staffs are eager to cast you.)

YYS: Uhm… Even though it might be a character that’s different from me, and can be worrisome that it doesn’t suit me, but as an actor, I think of it as a task that should be challenged. So, with that reason, I think there’s no way I’d reject the offer~!

  1. What kind of role do you want to try the most?

YYS: I don’t have something in particular. I don’t distinctly think of a ‘role’ that I definitely want to try. Very likely, I don’t have that mindset to get a (specific) role I want. I wish to try various characters in diverse productions.

  1. I like seeing you often on TV and on screen, but what do you think about doing variety shows?

YYS: If I could show my true self freely, just like in ‘Youth over Flowers’, I’m interested to try it anytime!

  1. I saw an inspiring interview about acting activities even while at an older age from Professor Lee Sun Jae. Just like him, I’m curious if will you keep continuing with just acting or just like now, will you keep studying acting and lighting design and while being active, would you be interested in directing or producing? Or would you be interested in teaching students?

YYS: I don’t have that kind of plans for now. I also currently don’t have clear thoughts about directing and producing. However, if in the future, there are various ways to do it along with my acting life, I’d think about it. I’m not planning it for now. Rather than teaching someone, I think it would be good if there’ll be a chance for me to become a little help to my hoobaes who are, like me, dreaming to be an actor difficultly and vaguely until now.

  1. Among the productions that you’ve done, if judging by just your acting, which do you think was a role that you’ve absorbed well?

YYS: In Youth over Flowers, I was the “mother bird”. Although it’s not acting… I think I’ve absorbed that role well. Keke.

  1. Although you’ve filmed a lot of advertisements, what kind of advertisements would you want to film in the future?

YYS: I’m open to various advertisements. ♡ But If I’d think of any in particular… It would be good if it’s something related to ‘travelling’. I think it’s good ‘cause I might be able to travel too if we film it.

  1. What kind of actor do you want to be remembered as?

YYS: Wouldn’t it be nice if I was remembered as “an actor who has lived his acting life with sincerity”?

  1. When are the times where you feel like “I have done well to become an actor”?

YYS: I feel it every time. I feel like “I have done well to become an actor” every time more than in a particular moment. And because of that, I think I’ve been able to enjoy and endure the tiring and hard times.

  1. You’re acting because you like it, but when are the times that you feel like it’s difficult or tiring?

YYS: Anyhow, the basics of life (food, clothing, shelter) are hard when things are not doing well. Whether sleeping, eating or resting… Whenever it’s winter I’m also going out a lot even though it’s cold. It’s hard when I’m on a filming and I can’t wear warmer clothes. But if it’s a situation that can’t be avoided, I just have to enjoy it. I’m someone who often does mind control. I think positively. Other than that, I don’t think there are any more solutions to it.

  1. How do you feel when you see yourself acting on dramas or movies?

YYS: I always feel lacking. I feel awkward too and I always see parts that I’m not satisfied. That’s why I often think that I have to work harder. That thought never change. But I’m really happy and overwhelmed because of the people who liked watching me and cheered for me.

  1. Having played psycho killers/bad guys, as well as normal guys unlucky with love such as Chilbong, what other characters would you like to take up next?

YYS: I don’t particularly think of a role, neither choose. I want to constantly take up various characters in the future as well. Honestly, whether it’s a ‘normal’ role or a ‘psycho’ role, I’d take up both because in my opinion, they’re just the same ‘human’. I don’t feel a huge difference from them.

  1. Among the roles that you’ve played so far, which are the most similar to yourself in terms of appearance, personality, dating style?

YYS: There were some year that I was like Chilbong of ‘Reply 1994’, and some year I was like Dongsu of ‘The Singing Contest’. I am slow-witted and blunt but like Chilbong, I can be subtle and affectionate. I think it’s maybe because I’m a half country bumpkin and half Seoul city boy.

  1. Before the start of the filming, what’s something that you certainly have to prepare for your character? If there’s none, what about something that “I’ve done this as well” while preparing for a production? (For example, Hoya’s growth diary)

YYS: There are some differences every time I prepare for a character on each production. I seem to try to find the character I imagined from reality. If I’m curious about the outward appearances, I meet people or I research on the internet. I also try to experience what those people have experienced. For example, if it’s a baseball player, I’d also try baseball… I’m the type who certainly finds time for those kind of experience.

  1. Since you filmed Youth over Flowers, what is a Youth to you?

YYS: I think I’ve already talked about this on an interview. I think ‘Youth’ is being able to travel blindly even with the secret cameras, just like in ‘Youth over Flowers’. Somehow, we can think of it as one’s difficult moment (in life), but we shouldn’t avoid it, we should take challenge of it, and make a stand. Isn’t that itself a youth? That’s why no matter what age you are, if you just have that in mind, you are a ‘youth’.

  1. Among your productions up until now, what was the most difficult to act?

YYS: There are no easy productions. Although all of it aren’t easy, If I’d choose any in particular, I thought of when I did the boxing scene in ‘Eighteen, Nineteen’. I patiently filmed the boxing scene for about a week. I need to get hit for real. There was a day in that week that I kept getting hit, and I couldn’t sleep except in our break time. It was winter that time, I only wore pants and we just lit a fire while filming. And there were also emotional scenes so it was difficult in various ways.

  1. You’ve received a lot of love from playing the character Chilbong. What is Chilbong to you? (Please answer in 5 characters)

YYS: I am thankful of Chilbongie.

  1. You’ve continued to reach your childhood dream, when you had a hard time and felt like giving up that dream, what do you think are the things that motivated you?

YYS: Because I was having fun, even though it was hard, I wasn’t shaken and I just think positive. I think that was my motivation.

  1. Among Korean dramas and films, what’s a role that made you think “It’s a role that I desire”? (It doesn’t matter if it’s a male or a female role.)

YYS: But I desire them all…. Keke.

  1. What are your ways to memorize long dialogues?

YYS: I don’t think there are anymore other than reading it a lot. First, I read it a lot of times, and then I’d take a video by myself to see the appearance of the dialogue I memorized.

  1. Among the characters you’ve played, which of them is a character that has left you as if something is missing? And why?

YYS: Hoya of ‘Eighteen, Nineteen’. It was a full-length film and it was also my first lead role. I’ve worked really hard on it and my character received so much attention. But the outcome of it was a bit lacking.

  1. What If you got a casting offer by a great writer on a drama s/he’s written, and you are also casted in Reply’s new series, without any hesitation, what would you do?

YYS: I’ll do them both!

  1. Your voice is really good… If given an offer for a musical/play/radio DJ, would you want to do it?

YYS: If the conditions are okay, I’d want to do it anytime.

  1. Who’s an actress you want to act together with?

YYS: Amanda Seyfried.

  1. Do you have any special habit?

YYS: When I’m speaking, It’s either I unconsciously bite my lips or pout. I think I have those habits when speaking.

  1. What movies or book have deeply made an impression on you that you want to recommend to the members of YeonLiJi? (Please recommend at least 3.)

YYS: A recently (released film), ‘Her’. It’s a film that will make you think a lot about living in today’s generation. I’ve received many books as a gift from the fans, but I haven’t read them because I’m busy with my schedule. I’m going to start reading them now…

  1. How do you see/ imagine yourself 10 years from now?

YYS: Just like now, I think I’ll still be an active actor. It’s just that… I’d have gotten a bit older.

  1. What’s something you look for a girl?

YYS: Personality.

  1. What’s a dish you are confident to cook?

YYS: Uhm… What I suddenly thought right now is… Acorn Jelly Rice Soup! When I went to the cemetery with my mother before, I picked up some acorns, washed them and gave them to my mother. Upon taking them, I made the acorn jelly rice soup and ate it together with my family. They commented that it was really delicious…

  1. What song would you want to listen with your fans, right at this moment?

YYS: The Space Between! (by Soyu & Urban Zakapa) I think it’s nice to listen to a fluttering song together with my fans. I want to show some space to my fans too…. Keke.

  1. Could you please tell us a phrase that makes you settle yourself again when you’re tired or exhausted?

YYS: Carpe Diem! Seize the moment! If it’s unavoidable, you should just enjoy it~~~

  1. Have you ever thought of your child’s name once you’ve gotten married in the future? If not, then how about thinking of a name now?

YYS: Before, really… because of the family name, I thought of ‘Kyung’… ‘Ahn Kyung’. But I think that if I really give my child that name, I feel like I’m going to be sorry.

T/N: “Ahn Kyung” could mean “Cheater”.

  1. What physical aspects (face, body) are you most confident and think that it is your charming point?

YYS: Uhm… I think it’s my ‘eyes’… and… “the veins in my arms”?? (Answer was previously hidden because of the fan cafe event)

  1. What was the most embarrassing moment in your life?

YYS: I thought this person was someone I know, so I asked how she/he is. But then that person said that it’s the first time we’ve met. T_T It was really embarrassing.

  1. What is an old memory that you liked the most when you were young?

YYS: It’s when my whole family went to the seaside. My father, I and my hyung went fishing while my mother cooked ramen on the bonfire… and I brought the fire woods that I chopped. We ate roasted sweet potatoes and samgyupsal. I really liked the memories of that time.

  1. What was the difference that you’ve felt while living in your 20’s and 30’s?

YYS: My hangover, the fatigue of filming all night and my resilience… and also the regenerating time of my skin… T_T

  1. What is the hairstyle you personally like?

YYS: My hairstyle? I just like a simple hairstyle. But I can’t just stay with that kind of hairstyle because of my work, so I’m willing to try different kinds of hairstyles.

  1. I am aware that you’ve lived alone for years. Having lived alone, what are the good and bad points of it?

YYS: Because I was alone, I liked that I could practice my script. But the bad point is… eating and cleaning up… It was hard doing all those kind of household chores alone. T_T

  1. Please tell us some interesting story during your elementary years~

YYS: Just right when I first transferred to Seoul, I lived in the college dormitory. I lived together with the retakers who came from the provinces, it’s only that we slept in different rooms, and just like a boarding house, we all gather in the morning and eat together… It was a dormitory that is like a boarding house. Although living there was quite hard at that time, it was fun.

  1. What are the things that you do after waking up and before going to sleep? And what do you do when you can’t sleep?

YYS: When I wake up, I definitely have to do stretching. I exercise my shoulders too, because my body feels heavy after waking up. What I do before going to sleep? Uhm… Turning off the lights and then sleep? But there were a lot of times where I just fall asleep without doing the things that I really need to do before going to sleep. Before sleeping, I want to turn off the lights, put on a face mask and do some stretching as well. There were also a lot of cases where I just fall asleep without turning off the TV, because I was tired most of the time. There isn’t a time that I can’t fall asleep.

  1. What are your innate behaviors? (Ex. Eating all day, Sleeping all day) Please be specific. Haha.

YYS: When I’m travelling! I eat a lot of this and that. So I could use more energy…

  1. What in your physical appearance that you want your future child to get from you? (Please list three.)

YYS: Height, eyebrows and eyes.

  1. What would you do if you found your ideal type among your fans?

YYS: It would be good if I don’t make it obvious at first, right? But if it naturally feels like fate, I should also try to make a move. If it’s definitely my “fan”, my attitude wouldn’t change~

  1. When things are not doing well at work or when it’s getting exhausting, what’s your personal way of overcoming it?

YYS: If I have a chance to, I’d sleep~

  1. Who would you choose between a girl who smells like a mild soap scent and a girl who smells like a refreshing perfume?

YYS: I’m not a person who likes excessive fragrance. Uhm… If I have to choose between the two, it’s the “mild soap scent”.

  1. Have you done something like a “break away” in life? If there’s none, what’s a break away that you’ve once dreamt of?

YYS: If I have someone I love, I want to kiss her in the middle of Myeongdong. (Answer was previously hidden because of the fan cafe event)

T/N: The kiss on the drama Goong.

  1. If given a chance, would you wish to have a 1 night and 2 days MT (Membership Training) with your fans?

YYS: I do! If there’d be a chance, I think a (fan) meeting like that would be a good memory. I know there are some actors who does an MT with their fans once a year, and it really looks nice.

  1. After a long lapse of time, what would you want to be carved on your tombstone?

YYS: “Actor Yoo Yeon Seok who lived his life without regrets”… It’s suddenly kind of sad T_T

  1. Something that you definitely want to try in your bucket list?

YYS: Sky diving!!!!

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[20141103] Yoo Yeon Seok Answers 50 Questions from His Fans

A while ago, an announcement was up on YeonLiji to request Yoo Yeon Seok’s fancafe members to post a question to the actor. Fifty lucky fans will get their questions answered by the man himself. Today, Yoo Yeon Seok posted a handwritten note containing the answers to 50 shortlisted questions on YeonLiji. Curious on which questions he picked and seriously answered? Our translators are now working to bring to you the english translation of the Q&A.

While waiting for the translation to go online, feel free to enjoy the serious face of our Yoo Yeon Seok when he answers the 50 questions posed to him.

 photo yysanswer1.jpg
 photo yysanswer2.jpg photo yysanswer3.jpg

Hhhmmm… why so serious, Yoo Yeon Seok?

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(20140908) Chuseok letter from Yoo Yeon Seok to his fans

Are you having a joyful Chuseok~~?
From Ahn Yeon Seok

Hello this is Yoo Yeon Seok.

This is the first time that I’m writing in YeonRiJi. I apologise deeply (in old style formal Korean) kkk, for writing and putting up this letter so late.
Are all of you having a good and happy time with your family and relatives? I too, have gone for the first time in a long while, to my head family’s house, and performed ancestral rites. I spent a joyful Chuseok (Autumn Harvest festival) chatting with my younger cousins and had a small autograph signing session as well as taking pictures together at my head family’s house.

Lately I have spent my time travelling with my friends, as well as spending long weekends with my family. In this way, I have been most happily recharging my batteries. Also, I have been promoting my movie which will be released very soon, and day by day I’ve been enjoying fun-filled times.

At my first fan meeting, due to all of my many fans being there with me, I was able to make such great memories, and I was so very happy. Even though because of you guys, I became a crybaby TT TT

Once Chuseok is over, I will start to get really busy, but from the energy that I’ve been able to recharge up til now, I will try to finish up this year consistently working hard.

Everyone please keep supporting me, and I will try to greet you all more frequently.

In this not-so-short long weekend, I hope that you will spend a happy time with your loved ones.

And so, I now plan to go and have a beer with my family~! kkk

I hope you have a joyful and laughter-filled Chuseok~~!!!

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