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The Story of Bookworm Yoo Yeon Seok

Recently, Yoo Yeon Seok gained attention for his habit of holding and studying the scripts religiously in many different occassions while filming Warm and Cozy. Now you may ask me why those habit made such a big deal. Of course an actor or ac
tress will carry their scripts everywhere during filming. It is just a common sense. Yep, you got it all right. But when it comes to Yoo Yeon Seok, things are just a little different.

He seems to have this habit of carrying his books everywhere. Literally, everywhere. In sunny day or rainy day. He read them all the time. Before bed or in between eating. On the flight or in the restaurant. He study them rather religiously like he is going to have the exam the day after.

You’re not serious right?

Nope, I am pretty serious. Youth Over Flower Laos series is the living documentation of it. Check the still cuts from YOF Laos Eps 1 below or go check the video HERE (start 07.52):

 photo BookwormYYS1.png
 photo BookwormYYS4.png photo BookwormYYS7.png
 photo BookwormYYS6.png photo BookwormYYS3.png
 photo BookwormYYS12.png photo BookwormYYS13.png
 photo BookwormYYS10.png photo BookwormYYS9.png
 photo BookwormYYS16.png photo BookwormYYS15.png

That’s the story of Yoo Yeon Seok who never put his travel book down. Keeping his travel book near is his travel philosophy. In his own word, “like actors holding the scripts”. He just can’t put down the book or script when he is into it.

When the pictures of him carrying around his ‘Warm and Cozy’ scripts surfaced, I can only look with marvel.  The only thing that came into my mind is that Yoo Yeon Seok, the bookworm, is just being true to himself.

 photo readingstill1.jpg

Oh by the way, he seems to have kept all his past drama and movie scripts. Can you recognize them?

With this, the story of bookworm Yoo Yeon Seok is completed. But expect more pictures of the bookworm in him in the future.

Throwback Post: Youth 0ver Flowers

YeoNiverse: Do you remember what happened in September last year?



The moment the Laos trip was announced, we believe that all Yoo Yeon Seok, Baro and Hojun fans were cheering. Cheering for another chance to see the trio on our screens again. Cheering for the chance to see their bromance and real life personalities. Squeeing while being all happy and giddy..

For us, Youth Over Flowers Laos edition presented us not only the opportunity to see our beloved actor back on screen, but also a golden opportunity to work with the forever amazing Banasubbers. We agreed to work to sub the amazing show and committed to do it as a team. We spent hours working on subbing, timing and encoding the video before finally releasing it for all of you to enjoy.

The result of this amazing teamwork?

YeoNiverse and Banasubbers proudly present you the english subtitled videos of Youth Over Flowers, Laos Edition

||  Episode 7 ||


|| Episode 8 ||

|| Episode 9 ||


|| Episode 10 ||

|| Episode 11||


There are no words good enough to express how happy we were to work with Banasubbers. This was our first subbing collaboration and we didn’t expect that we exceeded our wildest dream of actually completing the project, and sharing it with all of you. And to have you all cheering for our work on top of that. Thank you, wonderful people..

Banasubbers and YeoNizens.. you are the best!!

*grab tissue*

*watch the videos again*

*patiently waiting for Yoo Yeon Seok’s return as chef*

All videos are proudly presented by the joint subbing team from Yeoniverse and Banasubbers.

[ENG SUBBED] Section TV – Yoo Yeon Seok cut (20150118)

Back in January, Section TV managed to interview Yoo Yeon Seok while he was having his Beanpole Accessory 2015 S/S collection photoshoot.

He looked so beautiful and attractive in this particular interview (that hair, those shirts and that smile!) and the MC totally fangirled over him, too. Well, who wouldn’t, no? 😛

Since he played quite a number of athletic characters in the past, he was asked on how he manage his body figure and fangirl MC even suggested for him to act as a bodybuilder next time (for selfish interest), lol.

He was also asked whether one-sided love portrayals is his forte, his friendship with fellow Reply 1994 and Youth Over Flowers cast Son Ho Jun (those cuties!) and was embarrassed when his bad selfie skill was highlighted by the MC, haha.

So, here is the overdue subbed video (sorry for the delay).

Watch it HERE

Translation by : Tokkipanda
Timer / Typesetter / Encoder : day_dreamer
Brought to you by Yeoniverse ~ Yoo Yeon Seok IFC


Yoo Yeon Seok’s Updates on YOF and Whistle Blower

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'제보자' 10월2일 개봉!!!

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[Update on 25 Aug 2014] “Whistle Blower” premieres on October 2!!!

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친절한 해원씨💕 ㅋㅋㅋ 넘 기여웡💓

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[Update on 08 Sept 2014]

[Update on 12 Sept 2014] Finally tonight at 9:50 on tvN, the Youth Over Flowers- Laos episodes air~!!! Please all join the true youths on our travels~~!!! Please watch live~~!!!

[Update on 19 Sept 2014] Please anticipate the 2nd installment of the travels of the Flower beggars in Laos~~!!! Ho Jun-ah, Baro-yah I wub you~♡♡

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이제 진짜 가을이네...

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[Update on 26 Sept 2014] Now it’s really autumn…

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제보자 in 부산!!!❤️❤️❤️

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[Update on 04 Oct 2014] Whistle Blower in Busan!!! ❤❤❤

[Update on 11 Oct 2014] Whistle Blower has reached 1 million views!!! It ain’t over until it’s over!!!

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Excerpts from Youth Over Flowers Episode 11

Eventually, all good things must (come to an) end.

With the broadcasting of episode 11 as a director’s cut special, Youth Over Flowers Laos Team’s traveling journey has finally came into an end. We might have wanted to see more of the trio laughing, teasing each other, spilling secrets and swimming in another 120-minute episode. But what can we say? Nevertheless, Na PD has closed the chapter with nice messages. If you are young, do what Baro has said “I have to grab youth, youth won’t grab me”. But if you are not, follow what Yeonseok has rightly pointed out, “We can travel no matter how old we are.”

Excursion to Tham Jang
Getting Ready to Party in Vang Vieng

Credits to TvN

Hope we get to see you three again in another show, Yeon Seok, Hojun and Baro!

[20140926] ‘Youth over Flowers’ Son Hojoon exposed how Yoo Yeon Seok was, at a club party with some girl “Want me to buy alcohol?”

At the 3rd episode of the Laos team, the big mouthed Son Ho Joon revealed that Yoo Yeon Seok wanted to buy alcohol for some girl at the club party foreigners invited them to. “Hey! Shall we buy you guys alcohol?” He said it like that, according to Son Ho Joon. Yoo Yeon Seok explained that he only bought one which costs 2800won and it is only because he is glad to meet that friend who invited them.

For the whole story, stay tuned to the english subbed release by following @GBchungchoon on twitter and ggotbodachungchoon.wordpress.com.

1. [+582, -7] Yoo Yeon Seok, like what the production crew said before, he really does have all the qualities Lee Seojun, Lee Seunggi and Yoo Heeyeol has. Lee Seojun’s intelligence. Lee Seunggi’s hard work. Yoo Heeyeol’s mother-like warmness. He didn’t get his “shoulder gangster” among those three though.

2. [+550, -12] I really like Yoo Yeon Seok. He save and save (money) and then just use it when it feels like they should use it. While travelling, he is meticulously considerate and caring… Always asking for one’s opinion. When it comes to decision making, he is strong-minded. Ahㅠㅠ I really like himㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

3. [+443, -11] Why is he so kind… why is he so cute… why is he so funny

4. [+21, -0] I really wish Yoo Yeon Seok to have a long run in the future… Even his heart is kind. I like him♡

5. [-17, -1] As expected to Yeon Seok’s sasaeng fan ㅋㅋㅋ The three are so cute♡

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