Yoo Yeon Seok raises a new puppy named Chilbongie! (+ Netizen’s comments)

Yesterday on November 14th, Yoo Yeon Seok updated his instagram, introducing a new family member of his – a cute puppy named Chilbongie. He said the puppy was named by his parents. AWWW. SO. CUTE.


Translation of his caption :

“Introducing my new family member!
My parents name it…
‘Chilbongie ❤’ ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ”

Not long after that he uploaded another photo of Chilbongie looking all adorable, biting his finger. We can now see he is bursting with affection for Chilbongie, judging by the hearts emoticon that he put in. Haha.


Translation of his caption:

“Chilbong ah do you like my finger so much??? ㅋㅋㅋ 💕💞💓💖❤”

He seems to be so happy to be raising a pet dog again (he had a dog before named Bunny, but it’s been years since Bunny passed on). Chilbongie², be happy together~

Also, do read on the comments from netizen on the article of him raising Chilbongie Jr!

Starnews via Nate : Yoo Yeon Seok “Introducing Chilbongie our new family member”

1. [+488, -6] Because of the role as gangnam *”ApSeoBangpa” senior in Architecture 101 and as Chilbong who lived in Daechidong in Reply 1994, he is stuck with the Seoul man image but actually he was a Gyeongsangdo man kkkk (*Apseobangpa = Apgujeong, Seochodong, Bangbaedong)
2. [+177, -1] So jealous of Chilbongie
3. [+20, -1] “It’s not over till it’s over”. I’m so impressed with this word and I confessed my feeling three times. It has been cut by phone so it can be forgotten easily heuheoheoheok
4. [+16, -3] Chilbongie and Chilbongie kkk
5. [+14, -4] In reply 1994, Chilbong is full of charms. I miss you Chilbong ❤
6. [+11, -1] Chilbongah, Seon Woo is so pitiful, what should I do? The answer of husband hunting has already come out. It seems they will make Ryu Jun Yeol as the husband. Seon Woo is just a puppet scapegoat.
7. [+10, -0] The puppy’s eyes are Hojunie’s eyes.. ^^
8. [+9, -1]  You gotta take care of Hojun too~~ Hojun also pushed you away because of *Sanche (*the puppy that became the mascot of “Three Meals a Day Fishing Village”)
9. [+8, -0] He is good in acting and constantly doing works, I like him.

Translations by Rynn_peace and Tokkipanda
Brought to you by YeoNiverse


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