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Because of you…

Dear Yoo Yeon Seok sshi,

I’ve had many firsts because of you. Although some may not be a strictly First first, but the variations of it made it a unique first. Let me share with you how you changed my history of fangirling.

 photo 20140730_222915_zpsdd8e9bbd.jpg

    • Yours may not be the first fanmeeting I’ve attended, but it’s the first time I’ve attended an actor’s FIRST fanmeeting. Which gives goodie bags AND it comes with a huge poster. I mean, it’s awesome!
    • I really, really appreciate it, because YOU gave me the chance to take photo with you! My first photo with a Korean actor!

 photo 20140606_123110_zpsbb920b82.jpg

  • I actively seek out your endorsement shots/photoshoots in magazines or in supermarkets when I was in Korea.
  • I joined a fan club, for the first time. And meet up with other fan girls. For the first time.
  • I joined your Korean fan club too, even though my Korean is half-baked. You made me learn how to type complete sentences in Hangul because I want to interact with your other fans.
  • You totally set the benchmark for my views on guys. And that, radically changes my life =)

 photo 20140729_112228_zps0f69e229.jpg

My donggap chinggu yah, all the best for your future endeavors, and please remember that you have a donggap fan from Singapore, okay?